Enforce Your Goals

At Walker Athletics, we know the importance of repetition and enforcement.  The more one touches the ball, the better one becomes.  

Walker Athletics camps and leagues can add to your athletes goals and give them the reinforcement needed during off season.

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Fall Preseason Basketball League

Take a step ahead of your competition during the fall!  There's no better fall preseason league than Walker Athletics.  Our leagues are available to grades 6th-Varsity only in preparation for try-outs and the upcoming season.  

Sundays, September 28-October 26, 2014 Boys

Two games each date

Includes participation t-shirts

Summer Postseason Basketball League

June-July 2015

Off Season Hitting & Pitching League

Only at Walker Athletics, we combine the skill of hitting, pitching and catching for this amazing off season league.  Keep your skills fresh and enjoy your offseason.  Ages 8-15 boys & girls.

January 4-February 1, 2015

February 22-March 22, 2015

4 player teams, 10 games, 55 pitches per game

Basketball Camps

January 24, 2015  Chicago Sky Camp

March 29, 2015 Hoop Mountain Showcase

Hittin' the Hardwood basketball camps are like private training at a camp cost.  These camps are specifically designed to include a 1:10 ratio of instructor to camper. Camp times 9am-12pm.

June 22-25, 2015    3rd-8th grade boys & girls

July 13-16, 2015    3rd-8th grade boys & girls

July 27-30, 2015     6th-10th grade boys & girls

Baseball & Softball Camps

Academy baseball & softball camps are also specifically designed to include a 1:10 ratio of instructor to camper.  Camp times 6pm-9pm.

November 19-21, 2014    Ages 8-15 boys & girls

December 17-19, 2014     Ages 8-15 boys & girls

January 7-9, 2015           Ages 8-15 boys & girls

February 25-27, 2015     Ages 8-15 boys & girls

2-Day Camp (Pre Try-Out Skills)

​July 22-23, 2015              Ages 10-14 boys