Central Illinois AAU and Walker Athletics

Combo Training

Excelling in your sport at any level requires physical strength and endurance as well as specialized skills that keep you at your best. Our Combo Training is exclusive to Walker Athletics and designed specifically for athletes.

We combine 30 minutes of sports training that focuses on the skills you want to focus on with 30 minutes of intense strength training to give you the most for your time and dollar.  Every athlete wants to excel.  Let us help you reach your goals today!

Adult Training

Strength, boxing and self defense is available to you at  Phoenix Sports Empire. Learn proper technique as if you're competing then hit the calorie burning work out to make you fit.  Contact Phoenix Sports for a FREE private session today (773) 442-2644

Even natural athletes want to get bigger, quicker, faster, stronger.  At Walker Athletics, we have the new generation of athletic training.Put the old days of speed & agility training behind you and get serious, tracked training and the results you want for your athlete.  Contact Fast Academy now at (773) 610-3638 to meet your new strength coach.

  • Maximize strength & endurance 
  • Prevent injuries
  • Reach your full potential & take your game to a whole new level

Sports Training

What's your passion? Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Badminton, Soccer, Baseball, Softball? Fast Academy knows what it takes to take it to the next level as they have played at the college, professional, national levels.  Focus on the skills you need in private or group sessions. Contact Fast Academy now at (773) 610-3638 to meet your new sports trainer only at Walker Athletics!

Strength Training

US Indoor Sports Association
USA Youth Basketball Development and Walker Athletics
NCAA Youth Basketball Certification and Walker Athletics

(630) 324-7800 / tlwalker@walkerathletic.com / PO Box 4225. Lisle, IL, 60532

Reach Your Goals

Whether your goal is to build strength, increase flexibility, improve athleticism or get in shape, it begins with the decision to start now.  

Tell us your goals!  At Walker Athletics, we have a variety of athletic, sport and adult training to help you evaluate your goals and then achieve them.  Contact us for more information.